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Finding Their Roots: The Running Roots Launch Crowd Funding Campaign for Independent Release

“We know it’s Christmas, and a lot of folks are just finishing up their Christmas shopping.  However, if you have a few dollars left, and you would like to help a great new country duo fund their new CD, we have a way you can help.  We received the following press release about Running Roots, and wanted to share that with all of you.  Check out the release, visit their web sitelisten to “Talking to a Stone”, and if you can help financially, we hope you will.

It doesn’t just take time, talent and hard work to get a music career off the ground.  It also takes money.  We’re hoping you will read the press release below, and, as we said, visit the web site, listen to the song, and do what you can to be part of giving Brett Rutledge and Hillary McBride a little help along the way to what we believe will be a very successful career.”