Social Graces Creative



Social Graces Creative is a Boutique Marketing Agency working with Musicians, Small Businesses and Lifestyle based clients.


You tell us your object, we’ll create a marketing strategy to get you there. Maybe you’re looking to increase your bottom line, push a certain product or service or are simply trying to find a way to reach new customers. Strategy design is our bread & butter. We’ll work with you to learn where you want to go and design a path to get you there. Think of this as the road map for your business goals.

  • Defining Your Product or Service

  • Identifying Your Target Market

  • Knowing Your Niche

  • Developing Awareness

  • Building Credibility


Think of this as Branding 101. We’ll take a close look at your brand, looking at your social media channels, website, promo images/copy, hard copy marketing materials and email marketing, making sure brand uniformity exists across all of your marketing platforms. If not, we’ll make a few recommendations and help you fix it.

  • Brand Strategy

  • Logo & Design Identity Overview

  • Visual Storytelling

  • Brand Uniformity



We cover copy, content and strategy. You’ve built an amazing business. You have clients who are big fans and keep coming back. But does this reflect across your social media feeds? Let us work with you to make sure everyone in the “digital sphere” knows how awesome you are too. Bottom line – you’ll reach new clients, grow community around your business and increase your bottom line.

  • Social Media Strategy Design

  • Management Training

  • Image Content Creation    

  • Post Copywriting  

  • Multi-Platform Maintenance


Do you send quarterly emails? Have promotions you’d like to tell people about? Have a predesigned ready-to-go email template? If you do, awesome! We can help you expand your reach, grow your client list and refine your email marketing strategy. Or do you have no idea what we are talking about, but you understand the value in email marketing and wish you could implement it more? If you’re here, that’s ok too. We’ll work with you to design an email marketing strategy that works for you and you’ll be email savvy before you know it.

  • Email Strategy      

  • Template Design Creation   

  • Content Writing  

  • Content Creation   

  • Management Training



We love the digital world, but are also HUGE fans of in person connections. Meet one of our favorite things to do for clients – create strategic partnerships.

Do you have a service or product that could benefit an organization or work well within multiple companies? We’ll put our heads together and come up with a list of potential partners. We’ll then work with you to strategically position your product or service to the given partners. Not only do partnerships serve as an extension of your business, they can increase your bottom line – big time. **Symbol: Heart

  • Partnership Strategy

  • Ideation of Potential Partners

  • Pitch and Positioning   

  • Clarity of Objectives


Are you a creative getting ready for an upcoming photoshoot or music video shoot? Or would you like to get to this step, but don’t quite know the steps needed to get here? Let us work with you to design the creative direction, manage the project or act as the producer on the day of shoot. We can also do all three! We want you to focus on being the artist and not be worrying about production schedules, location layouts or what time you are meeting your team at the next location. Let us handle the details for you! We’ll take the weight off your shoulders, so you can focus on bringing your vision to life. **Symbol: The Pencil.

  • Visual Design

  • Location Scouting

  • Hiring of Team Members for Shoot

  • Creative Director

  • Project Management / On-site Producer